Seapower Marine Electronics specialise in all aspects of the electrical and electronic systems aboard your sailing yacht or motorboat.

Our experts can advise, supply, install and service all major brands of marine electronics. Main dealers for Raymarine, B&G, Simrad, Icom, Lowrance to name a few. We employ long-serving manufacturer trained technicians who share a keen interest in boating.

Come and see us for a chat about your requirements and we’ll be able to tailor a solution just for you. Our prices are competitive too, so do get in touch to find out about our latest offers or to talk about your refit project!

  • Accredited service dealers

  • Equipment sales & pre-sales advice

  • System design, supply & installation

  • Fault finding & repair

  • System upgrades & expansion

  • Electronic chart supply & updates

  • Marine electrical systems

  • Renewable energy

Essential Boat Electrics by Oliver Ballam & Pat Manley

Essential Boat Electrics

Electricity is vital on board most boats: to keep their systems running and to provide the crew with the services they expect. Much of it will be professionally fitted and many yachtsmen will have little knowledge about the finer detail of electric circuits. But, given the importance of electrical power, some understanding of it is likely to be useful: either to use when required away from the marina or to repair and upgrade your systems.

This book is written to provide that understanding and to allow you to undertake electrical jobs on board yourself, properly and safely. It removes the mystique of boat electrics and gives you the confidence to tackle the jobs when you need to.

Included are the minimum formulae and theory required, focussing more on the practical – using simple language and clear illustrations. There are tutorials, from using a multimeter and wiring a circuit, to troubleshooting electrical faults, all using easy-to-follow photo sequences. The book also looks at tasks such as choosing solar panels and batteries and connecting navigational instruments.

The book is a great manual for a yachtsman needing to keep the power flowing. It has been thoroughly modernised and updated for this new edition by boating electric wizard Oliver Ballam.


With the absence of local boatshows, we’ve decided to upgrade our hands-on showroom display with a more extensive selection of multi-function displays (MFD’s) stand-alone instruments and VHF sets from manufacturers including Raymarine, B&G and Icom.

Give us a call to arrange a free consultation and to take you through the options best suited to your needs. 

LiFEpo4 Batteries at Seapower Marine Electronics


With technology being driven at a furious pace by concerns for the environment, we as boaters can now take advantage of substantial advances in energy storage solutions.

Now has to be the time to consider moving on from traditional lead-acid based batteries for a multitude of reasons. Lead-acids are heavy, require careful maintenance, can spill, create nasty fumes and require complicated charging management to operate at their best. They do still have a valid application such as engine starting but on balance are dramatically outperformed by current Lithium LiFEpo4 batteries which are much lighter, more tolerant of discharge abuse or poor maintenance and have a much longer lifespan.

Yes and no. The initial outlay for a LiFEpo4 battery is roughly three times the price of a lead-acid but when you compare the lifetime cost per usable amp hour then you’ll be astounded by the saving. Consider that the lifespan of a lead-acid, AGM or Gel battery is some 300 cycles if correctly maintained compared to well over 2500 cycles from a LiFEpo4 that isn’t nearly as unforgiving of full discharge and the real savings become apparent.

We can source most marine electronics

As a respected installer and approved agents for the top marine electronics and marine electrical brands, we are pleased to source the vast majority of marine electrical and electronic items. Simply contact us below with what you need and we’ll be in touch.

Call us on 07754 980443 or 01473 655618

Seapower Electronics is a main agent for many of the biggest marine electronics brands and can offer unrivalled expertise and experience in advising you of your ideal electronics solution.

Marine Electronics

We increasingly rely upon technology to allow us to safely and conveniently enjoy our boating. While it is still imperative that we acquire and maintain basic navigational skills, there is little doubt that marine electronics free us from the chart table. They offer more features than ever before such as AIS and new transducer (CHIRP) technologies which provide incredible levels of detail whilst reducing energy consumption.

Key navigational electronics in one place

Traditionally, many instruments would be required (including an equal number of holes !) however there is an ongoing trend towards merging functions. New multi-function displays use familiar tactile gestures that we know so well from mobile devices in tandem with push-button controls.

With so many advances, you can trust the practical and qualified advice from our experienced engineers, helping you find an ideal equipment and installation solution to suit your needs. We take pride in our work ethic, knowledge and grasp. We look forward to discussing your requirements.

Marine electronics repairs for most brands including Raymarine, B&G, Simrad, Lowrance and many more

Repairs & Servicing


The company has developed many years of experience in tracking down a problem in a electrical or an electronics system and have a wide range of test equipment in order to do this.

Our aim is to reliably trace faults and recommend a solution or suitable replacement part.

Service and Repair

Seapower Marine Electronics can carry out many tasks onboard or at their fully-equipped Levington or Woolverstone workshops. Service tasks include checking and testing devices, replacing memory batteries although repairs can be more involved!

We have excellent connections which allow us to source replacement parts from most manufacturers and will endeavour, where possible, to find spares for discontinued products.

Marine electrical services including installation and repair of chargers, inverters, solar panels, windlasses, lighting, navigation lights, switch panels and more.

Marine Electrical

At Seapower we can cater for the electrical systems aboard, as well as the electronics systems.

The services cover from the concept and design of a complete onboard system all the way to the commissioning phase, or simply adding an extra cabin light to your system.

More equipment, more power…

With today’s increasing range of essential onboard equipment, loads on the electrical system are increased. We frequently upgrade battery capacity and charging systems to take this into account.

Seapower Marine can supply and fit larger batteries (often in the same battery compartment). We can increase available battery capacity by system optimisation, supply and fitting of larger alternators to your existing or new engine installation.

Renewable energy from solar panels and wind turbines


Renewable energy technology is more efficient and more affordable than it ever has been. Seapower Marine supply and install solutions such as Wind generators, Solar panels and Water turbines. We can also provide systems which allow you to manage your energy consumption whether you wish to top up the batteries over the week or live aboard year round.

Generators and Gensets


With our expertise in the electrical and engineering systems we are in an ideal situation to specify, supply and install AC or DC generators to cope with higher demand than can be fulfilled via renewables alone.

Chargers, Inverters and Marine AC installations

AC Systems

Shorepower & Inverters

If you need an AC system aboard for running your standard 230VAC appliances, Seapower Marine can implement this whether you are alongside or not. We can also safety check and test existing systems and examine earth bonding as well. Galvanic Isolators and Isolation Transformers may be supplied in order to provide protection against damaging Galvanic Corrosion attacking your underwater metals.

Refrigeration systems and installations for boats and yachts


Seapower Marine supply and install the Frigoboat range of marine refrigeration, which is the recommended water-cooled system for much greater efficiency and practicality. Please see Penguin Smart Refrigeration Solutions for more details.

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