This project is a collaboration between Seapower Marine Electronics, Demon Yachts and Jack Gifford Naval Architects. They set out to design and build an electric boat for commercial or leisure use to meet demands for vessels with a lower carbon footprint.

The 7m boat has a GRP hull and centre console steering position. Fitted with a 10kW Pod electric drive system and 57kwh LifePO4 battery cells, the WorkDemon is fully electric and is charged entirely off it’s integrated solar panels. The system delivers a maximum speed of 7.5 knots with a range of 110 nautical miles at 5.5 knots and 40 nautical miles at 7 knots. Seapower consulted on the propulsion and electrics for the boat and supplied the component parts.

She is now on her mooring in Aldeburgh and runs entirely off renewable solar energy with onshore charging an option if needed. If you’re looking for a work boat for lots of short trips or a leisure vessel for local cruising, this is a practical, family-friendly solution.
(Oliver Ballam)

The second of these electric vessels is now in build and the design can be customised for pleasure or commercial use.

Pictures by Gill Moon